Fahrradanhänger von reacha
Fahrradanhänger von reacha

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SUP Weltmeisterin Sonni Höhnscheid mit ihrem reacha Fahrradanhänger

Sonni Höhnscheid

3x SUP World Champion

"With the reacha I can take all my material up to the water edge with little effort. Raceboard, wingfoil, surfboard, paddles, suits and accessories. Everything for a great day at the beach!"

Thomas Oschwald unterwegs mit SUP und Handwagen

Thomas Oschwald

3000km by SUP and foot

"Without the reacha my dream would have failed in the face of reality after a few kilometres."

Adrian Mattern

Professional Kayaker

"With Bike2Boat we went 800km & 8.000 vertical metres, sometimes slowly uphill or with 80km/h down the mountain pass. Also now I am happy to keep my footprint low and to do something for my endurance."

Kajak-Pro Adrian Mattern transportiert sein Kajak mit dem Fahrradanhänger von reacha

Antoine Richard

ByTheWave Surf School

"The reacha trailer has become an essential tool for our surfschool.We prefer our students and instructors to spend their energy in the waves rather than on the way to the beach. The reacha PRO really takes the load off our shoulders when it comes to transporting boards: it's light, solid and super easy to move."

www.bythewave.surf | www.ecoledesurfmoliets.surf | www.catchmorewaves.surf

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Detailansicht der Schnappverschlüsse des faltbaren Fahrradanhängers von reacha
Detailansicht des Aluminiumrahmens eines reacha Hand- und Fahrradanhängers
In Breite verstellbarer Fahrradanhänger von reacha am Strand mit Surfbrettern
reacha Handwagen mit SUP und Campingausrüstung beladen

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