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Product videos

Discover the key features of the reacha bicycle trailers in the following video. You can read more about the features here.

In our 2021 lineup video we guide you through the most popular reacha models and what they are best suited for.

Let us introduce you to our bestseller reacha SPORT. You can find additional product videos on the respective product pages or on our YouTube playlist.

Tips & tricks


Here we show you how easy and fast it is to assemble the reacha without tools.

With our bicycle adapter, every reacha handcart becomes a bicycle trailer in no time at all.

Here we show you how easy it is to adjust the length and width of our reacha trailers without tools.

In this video we show you how to attach a PRO bow to your reacha hand and bike trailer.

reacha in action


RedBull athlete Adrian Mattern and German kayak legend Olaf Obsommer are on the road with our reacha SPORT in the Alps. 800 kilometres of completely climate-neutral travel from spot to spot.

In his film "Le Chemin" (The way) french surf pro Arthur Bourbon is exploring the French Atlantic coast with his reacha, surfboard and tent. Here you can see the trailer of the film which is currently starring on various film festivals this year.

The SUP professionals from tested our reacha SPORT 2021 model and report in detail in their review video.

An excerpt from Thomas' fascinating expedition last year. You can read the whole story on our blog.

The year before, Thomas and his girlfriend walked with SUP and tent through Greece.

The extreme athletes StecherTwins put our reacha beach through its paces. You can read read more about it on our blog.

behind the scenes


Also on its home turf, the beautiful Lake Tegernsee in the Bavarian Alps, the reacha comes to its full potential.

Here you can see what happens when we receive your order. And you can find out more about them at the following link sustainability of our bike trailers and our company.