Everybody who goes on vacation to the campsite or is often on the road with the camper or caravan knows how useful it is to have a faithful camping bike trailer as a packing helper. Normal hand or bike trailers for camping or tents quickly reach their limits, especially when the equipment and camping accessories may be a bit larger. The reacha camping bike trailers provide a solution: Whether as a bike trailer for camping in the forest or a camping vacation at the beach. The reacha easily adapts to any environment!

reacha bike trailer for camping and athletes!

The reacha is especially suitable as camping accessories for windsurfers, kiteboarders, as well as for transporting kayaks or SUPs.

From the caravan or tent to the water is not a big challenge on foot, depending on the size of the campsite. Especially surfers or SUP riders will know the problem: to carry the board over the entire campsite to the water is exhausting, annoying and costs time. The reacha can help here as a smooth-running camping bike trailer:

The extremely lightweight aluminum frame with textile loading surface of the hand and bike trailer makes it possible to pull equipment with a length of up to 4m without any problems. For larger campsites, the reacha can be used as both a hand or bike trailer for camping accessories, thanks to the innovative bike connector. So even several standup paddleboards, surfboards, a kayak or even an inflatable boat can be pulled to the water with the bike. Another plus: instead of leaving the campsite or parking lot by car or van, only to search forever for a parking spot at the next surf location, you simply park your reacha right at the water's edge and enjoy the day on the SUP or in the waves!

Depending on the terrain of the campsite or parking space, the modular design of the reachas also makes it possible to change tires in a few simple steps. So compact city tires can be quickly replaced with beach tires with solid studs. So your camping bike trailer is ready for any surface! Especially for athletes who like to take the camper or RV to the next surf spot or lake, we recommend our all-rounder reacha SPORT. The reacha SPORT comes with either 20" compact tires, 24" street tires, or 20" beach tires, making it suitable for any surface. Whether the campsite is in the woods, your tent on the beach or the parking lot on the edge of town. If you want to save both the environment and your wallet, we recommend the reacha DIY. The reacha DIY comes as a ready-made frame and only needs a few new (or used) tires. Especially for environmentally aware campers, the reacha DIY is the ideal choice!

The reacha SPORT is the perfect camping bike trailer for a weekend at the lake with the SUP

Camping vacation with bicycle & family? No problem!

Once the camp is set, hardly anyone wants to move the camper or car. Therefore, many campers take their bike with them on vacation. But when it comes to transporting more than one backpack, it usually gets tight on a bike.

This is where the camping bike trailer from reacha helps! Whether quickly by bike to the nearest supermarket or with the necessary equipment and toys to the lake or river, the reacha does everything without problems. Especially on the campsite you want a relaxed vacation and with the reacha you save yourself the complete stress to transport things complicated. Whether as a hand or bike trailer for campers.

We definitely recommend our reacha CITY for environmentally conscious campers and families on the campsite. The reacha CITY is the agile hand and bike trailer for small equipment, in contrast to the reacha SPORT the CITY comes with a short drawbar and so your bike combination will be much shorter and more agile. PS: For our surfers: With the reacha CITY you can also transport a shortboard from the caravan or tent to the water without any trouble. If you still have a few old bike tires at home and want to do something for the environment, we recommend the reacha DIY in the CITY variant. The DIY is our answer to how to give old bike tires a new chance!

Important for all campers, motorhome owners or camping enthusiasts: You can store your reacha bike trailer space-saving in the camper and also easily and quickly reassemble it. The reacha can be disassembled into its individual parts and so the camping bike trailer finds space in any motorhome, caravan or tent. Assembled it is small, compact and takes up hardly any space in the camper.

Like all reacha models, the reacha is quick and easy to assemble and disassemble. Floko, one of the founders, demonstrates this in a five-minute video, how to assemble a reacha camping bike trailer in a few minutes, pointing out the features of other models.

On the cargo-bed of the reacha trailer everything you need for a day at the beach with the family fits!

Climate neutral trip thanks to camping bike trailers (by reacha)

With the reacha your next trip with the camper or trip to the campsite will become much more relaxed, it will also help you to save the climate!

Taking a bike on a camping trip is not only incredibly practical and flexible; it's also sustainable! A reacha bike trailer is the perfect travel companion and camping accessory. No matter which reacha you choose, the environment will thank you for the emission-free alternative. You can transport your equipment, surfing material, toys or firewood climate neutral with this camping accessory. And this is not only extremely environmentally friendly, but also extremely practical!

A trip with the camper could hardly be more relaxed and comfortable than with a reacha camping bike trailer; and 100% climate neutral!

In summary, the reacha is the ideal camping bike trailer for those who travel with the camper or tent and like to leave the car, but do not want to give up convenience. All reacha bike trailers for camping are extremely lightweight; but due to the aluminum used also very robust and resistant to salt water and rain.

What our customers say about the reacha as a camping bike trailer


City goes Offroad

I use my reacha City as a trailer for my bicycle and as a handcart when jogging. Both works great - even offroad, heavily loaded and uphill!


Fahrradanhänger mit kleinem Packmaß

Impressions of reacha bike trailer for campers