reacha SPORT

Hand and bike trailer for sports and outdoors

  • ideal for transporting long outdoor sports or beach equipment
  • e.g. SUPs, windsurf boards, longboards, kite surf boards, kayaks, snowboards, skis and more
  • designed for sports equipment up to 4.3m / 14" long
  • available with three different types of wheels
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Sport, adventure and family

The reacha SPORT is our transport solution for sports enthusiasts. Kayak, SUP, surfboard, windsurfing board, camping equipment and much more fits on the reacha SPORT and gets you ready for your sporting adventure.

The reacha SPORT is ideal for transporting longer equipment to the spot. Regardless of the tyres, the reacha SPORT easily transports items up to 14" / 427 cm long, e.g. stand-up paddle raceboards. If your sports equipment is longer than 4.3 m, then our reacha XL might be the right trailer for you.

We recommend a maximum load of 35 kg when used as a bicycle trailer and a maximum load of 60 kg when used as a hand trailer.

The frame

1Collapsible & Adjustable

2Modular system

3Lightweight & strong

4Hand trolley & bike trailer

5Made in Bavaria

The different wheelsets

You can choose from three different wheelsets

compact 20" | lightweight and small in size

street 24" | best for concrete and long distances

beach 20" fat | for offroad and on sand

The choice of your tyres has no effect on the maximum load except for a slight difference in ground clearance.

Fahrradanhänger mit austauschbaren Laufrädern

Modular accessories

With our optional bike connector, every reacha hand trolley becomes a bicycle trailer. You can also equip your reacha with additional side loading bows. These are mainly used to secure the reacha when you want to pack more or larger items on the reacha for transport. The reacha SPORT is already equipped with a side loading bow. If the SPORT is too long for some applications, even in the shortest setting, you can order an additional short CITY drawbar, e.g. for more manoeuvrability in the city.

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